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Today's world is far more dangerous and unpredictable place than its cold war predecessor. Unstable regimes, ethnic conflicts and economic instability have become a feature of the international commercial environment. As globalisation continues remorselessly, incorporating new markets, systems and cultures, the range of risks faced by companies has increased dramatically: from political and security risks to trade and pressure group risks. MacIvor Grant strives to reduce these risks to business.

MacIvor Grant is an international risk management consultancy providing world-wide security project management and cogent analysis of developments in emerging markets. The company is a privately owned, independent business that has responded to growing demand from the corporate and government sector for imaginative, objective and cost-effective solutions.

Our philosophy grew out of our own experiences in senior corporate positions and advisory roles. In the multi-threat environment in which business functions today there is no single risk management solution. Success hangs on the development of strategy bringing together the detection, mitigation, elimination, transfer and acceptance of risk. We take away the burden of selection, integration and control of all stages from design to implementation.

The Company provides a discreet, high quality service, which combines the collective skills of our experienced professionals. We focus on agreed client objectives which, by capitalising on our global network of consultants, complement their existing management capabilities.

By understanding our clients' businesses, we aim to help them remain the best in their field.

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